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"No longer will I drown a prisoner in chains, beneath the fog, between the waves.

No longer will I perceive each day as if they were chains. No longer will I drift alone, isolated by my own selfish ways.

No longer will I repeat this loss, now treading in a sea of change. No longer lost unable to see.

no longer drowning in a sea of chains, and shackles & broken dreams."

Largely in support of domestic violence victims, orphans, and abandoned children;
I-ORION is the direct example I used to teach my son that his experience with an abusive step father can be processed in healthy ways that don’t lead to more violence or abusive behaviors. Over the course of 2 years, we built I-ORION. The change I witnessed in him was truly amazing. It was the experience I needed in order to bring closure to my own childhood trauma. This experience made me realize how much I had neglected my own happiness and demons. I owe you, Orion. I owe you the experience that I didn’t have as a child, the experience of having a Father. Through this experience, I found my identity and I finally understood the purpose of I-ORION, reminding me of the day he stood up and said  “i’m not a baby, I-O-Y-AN.
I owe it to myself, I deserve to be happy. Without this, I’m useless as a Father. I owe you…I-OweRYAN – Ryan Christopher

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